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Dear human being

Be welcome!

at Teresa Seidel

While looking for a meaning, for life, for love and for pleasure I learn to follow my heart. I learn to take the steps, which feel right. I learn not to get persuaded to live other people’s mind-concepts. I learn to be home in me – in my body, my spirit, my soul. I learn to root myself in the truth I find in me. It guides me and allows me to act without feeling guilty.

My breath guides me from one moment to the next. Sometimes the moment is beautiful, sometimes painful, sometimes quite scary, sometimes boring. I learn not to get caught up in my emotions. I learn to be who I am. To be without the desire to conserve. To be without the need to alter the moment unless my hearts longing is so strong and fulfills itself. I understand my life’s a game bringing me experiences and insights, making me meet people and throwing me into situations with the request for fully diving in.

I feel blessed being able to live a life with all these possibilities. Surrounded by wonderful people, I have the chance to figure myself out and to work freely. It’s an amazing gift to be able to do what feels right and being able to also half-decently live on it. Of course, it is not always fun and there can be also quite frightening challenges – but well, it’s the game. A game of life, which in one way or the other will end in death just for arising in a transformed way.


My deepest passion, which interweaves everything, is YOGA. I practice, I live and I teach Yoga. Yoga which means absolute presence and nothing more.


For some reason I now, find myself doing web design. It allows me to independently create websites for people, who want to be virtually visible with a new company, a project or simply their passion.


One of my newest projects is the book “LILA – Erzählung über die Magie des Lebens”. Inspired by life, though still fictitious, the novella was written spontaneously during the summer of 2018. The poem guiding through the story, came to life parallelly and magically integrated itself into the story.
Now I am fully happy, that after three years of periods of resting, correcting, illustrating, and maturing, it can go into the world.

(August 2021)